About us

Corporate Overview

Our company was founded in 2008 as a solution for everyone who wants to break through the barriers holding them back and have the life that they want. Since that time, we have had consistent growth and expansion around the world. We are financially strong and have very positive expectations for the future of our company, and we have good reason to. We are perfectly positioned for the explosive growth that we’ve already been seeing for some time. We have the staff, the facilities, the suppliers, and strong, committed leaders with the passion for helping other people live without barriers!

LivElite is growing at an amazing pace. We are thrilled by the success of so many of our distributors. LivElite provides innovative products that drastically improve a person’s lifestyle. Backed by extensive, scientific testing and award-winning chemistry, our products are amazingly effective, yet surprisingly simple. In addition to world-class products, we leverage the strength of a one-of-a-kind compensation plan that has proven to be both lucrative and stable.

We are also dedicated to giving back to communities throughout the world with our Lift Elite program.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to partner with individuals to create a life free from limitations through innovative products, world-class teams, cutting-edge systems and support, and dedication to providing the best for our distributors.